Top 10 Reasons to Vote NO


10. 30 Administrators receive perks that other employees don’t

      • LCSD pays BOTH the 14% employer portion AND the 14% employee portion of pension contributions
      • LCSD pays BOTH the 1.45% employer portion AND the 1.45% employee portion of medicare contributions
      • LCSD picks up some personal cell phone charges and paid vacations.
      • Extra perks for 30 administrators = more than $500,000 annually
      • How many Loveland residents don’t contribute even $1 to their own retirement?!

9. 30 Administrators receive $4.5 million in salaries and benefits

  • In 2019, LCSD spent $500,000 on administrative incentives NOT the children
  • 14 (Principals, Asst. Principals/Building Coordinators) for 12 grades?!

8. Taxing loyal fixed income families out of their homes or offering suggestions on how to afford :

7. More than 60% of your tax bill goes to LCSD using Miami Twp as example

  • After this levy, 65% of your property taxes will go to the schools.
  • How long can we stay on this trajectory?

6. The Facilities Master Plan is on “Pause”

    • Costly Facilities Master Planning process yet no Plan B?
    • Grailville purchase contract cancelled - now what?
    • What are the needs?? And what are the realistic solutions?
    • No appropriate regard to economic climate of the community
    • Where is the leadership from the board/administration in planning, budgeting and accountability
    • Direction correction before we hand over more $$$!

5. Facilities repairs neglected for over 5 years according to LCSD Business Manager

    • Why? Were there “preconceived notions” in the 2018/2019 facilities master planning process?
    • If major repairs were neglected, do we have unused PI funds to use for these projects now? LCSD Business Manager says “No”
    • What were PI funds used for if not major repairs? STILL UNANSWERED!
    • No plan = additional $$$ requests coming soon (PI/ Bond issues)

4. Impact on your home’s value

      • The average effective property tax rate in Ohio is 1.57%, ranking as the 13th highest in the U.S. (Clermont 1.5%, Hamilton 1.8%)
      • Finding from a study by Attom Data Solutions: “... on average, low to modest tax rates appear to be connected to higher recent appreciation.”
      • ODE data shows LCSD effective residential millage rate > than 85% of Ohio districts (including Indian Hill, Lakota, Kings, Mason, Milford and Sycamore.) The additional 6.95 mill levy would move Loveland above 94% (incl Wyoming, just shy of Madeira)
      • A 6.95 mill tax increase will cost an additional $20.27 per month on a $100,000 home. A prospective buyer would then have that much less to apply to a mortgage payment, which equates to having $4,752, or 4.8% less to spend.
      • From one LCSD resident and realtor:

3. Education must include technology and STEM

      • Educational trend OR trusted curriculum/tool?
      • How much is too much? Proven vs. ”shiny new penny?”
      • $7.4 million spent 7/15 - 11/19
      • $$$ + $$$ + $$$

2. Expenses UP (25% since 2015) - Enrollment DOWN 106 students

1. LEADERSHIP to keep schools and community strong

      • Lack of Leadership
        • Planning curriculum
        • Care of facilities
        • Stewardship of financial resources
      • Lack of Trust for receiving $6.25 million dollars more per year
        • The Board of Education is asking a very simple question:

Do we trust them with our money?

      • Lack of Transparency
        • Too many unanswered questions & not enough FACTS
        • Too much focus on threatened cuts without understanding the impact (or lack thereof) on our students,



Strong Schools & Community