Are the Loveland Schools a Disability Destination school district?


Looking at the data from the Ohio Board of Education CUPP report, in 2019 the Loveland Schools are within 1% of surrounding communities with regards to the percentage of students with disabilities.

Historically, Loveland and the surrounding school districts are still very comparable to one another.

State-wide, Loveland ranks 448 out of 607 schools (i.e. 26th percentile) in terms of the percentage of students with disabilities. As to the associated costs, the state of Ohio accounts for the additional cost of educating students who have disabilities, are economically disadvantaged and/or have limited English language proficiency by means of an adjusted enrollment statistic called weighted ADM. Since 2013, the number of students with disabilities has risen about 1 percentage point, while the number of economically disadvantaged students has declined about 2 percentage points. This combined with a slight decline in actual enrollment has resulted in a weighted ADM increase of slightly less than 2%. So, while an increase in students with disabilities is a factor in increased costs, it is a small one that seems to have leveled off since 2015.