Superintendent & Treasure Contract Renewals

Loveland VOICE needs your help sending community feedback to the Loveland Board of Education.

The Board plans to go into executive session at their November 5th meeting to discuss the renewal of both the Superintendent and Treasurer employment contracts.

How do you, members of our community, rate the job performances of Dr. Crouse and Mr. Hawley during their tenure (2018-current)?

What roles have Dr. Crouse and Mr. Hawley played in creating our community’s distrust of the School Administration and Board of Education in our community?

How do you assess the capability of Dr. Crouse and Mr. Hawley to effectively lead Loveland Schools based on their performance?


Superintendent Crouse


  • The Community Advisory Board (CAB) DID NOT include Dr. Crouse in their final 3 candidate recommendations to the Board of Education

  • The Board of Education ignored CAB recommendations in hiring Dr. Crouse based on the guidance of a paid Ohio State Board of Education headhunter

  • Dr. Crouse does not live in the Loveland City School District


  • Dr. Crouse saw Ohio State Report Card scores plummet during her employment as Director of Curriculum, putting our students at competitive disadvantage by continuously changing curriculum, embracing Common Core, and changing titles of our High School math courses

  • Dr. Crouse increased spending by $11 Million or 25% during her interim and permanent tenure as Superintendent

  • Dr. Crouse led the Building Tiger Nation and Facilities Master Planning campaigns which resulted in two failed levies:

    • Dr. Crouse recommended the hiring of Allerton Hill Consultants at the January 30, 2018 Board of Education meeting.

    • Dr. Crouse spear-headed the levy campaigns using

      • Fabrications of building needs

      • Half-truths about technology spending and administrative salaries and benefits

      • Fear tactics about busing and teacher reductions

Leadership and Ethics

  • Dr. Crouse led the Combined Levy Campaign in 2019 citing crumbling buildings. Since the defeat of that levy, we have learned from the Business Manager that all buildings are and will be properly maintained using existing permanent improvement funds. Dr. Crouse has never admitted that those building needs were overstated.

  • Dr. Crouse allows the staff to use social media platforms to attack veterans, parents and community members

  • On April 6, 2020, on videotape, Dr. Crouse poked fun at our community by “throwing” a bag of rocks. She offered an apology, but is that how we should expect our superintendent to act when she thinks no one is looking?

  • Dr. Crouse enjoys the leadership title of Superintendent but failed to give recommendations to the Board of Education regarding return to school from Covid 19

  • Dr. Crouse encourages our teachers to stop using gender-specific pronouns

      • “Tigers” vs boys and girls

      • Helpers vs moms and dads



Treasurer Hawley

  • Mr. Hawley does not live in the Loveland City School District

  • Mr. Hawley believes taxpayers will vote for tax levies to support the 25% increase in spending rather than controlling the spending

  • Mr. Hawley uses discrepancies in reporting by the State of Ohio as an excuse, rather than correcting and explaining the differences

  • Mr. Hawley is less than transparent in addressing community questions about spending, payroll and benefits and technology

Loveland Residents deserve a Treasurer who will stand up to the demands of an overzealous Superintendent, and defend budget boundaries.

Please send your email TODAY and tell the Board of Education that Loveland Residents deserve better than Dr. Crouse and Mr. Hawley. Email the entire Board of Education at ( and make sure your VOICE is heard.

Thank you for your continued support of the Loveland VOICE.

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