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The Loveland community values local education - we have a long track record of passing levies, trusting the school administration to share in the development of our children. while using our tax dollars wisely. We value public school education and consider the Loveland Schools an asset to the community we live in. Most of us volunteer in classrooms and PTAs, support our athletic teams and fine arts programs, and we serve the community in countless other roles. Yet we have never immersed ourselves in the business of running the district. Until Fall 2019. The magnitude, length and misleading characterization of November 2019 levy promotions shocked us into action.

The November 2019 ballot issue eroded years of trust in Loveland City School District's leadership. While that issue was resoundingly defeated by a 78-22 margin, many in our community cannot return to business as usual.

BOE to vote on November 2020 Levy Options

Wednesday, July 15th the Loveland Board of Education has called a special meeting to review November 2020 levy options, please be informed and contact the Board members ( and let your voice be heard. To date there has yet to be any implements of financial safeguards or corrective budgeting to ensure responsible spending within the Loveland Schools.

Click on the documents below to see the Loveland VOICE recommendations sent to the Board of Education in addition to 6 levy scenarios prepared by the LCSD Treasurer.

20200702 Loveland VOICE Recommendations to the LCSD BOE.pdf
2020_06 LCSD Levy Scenarios .pdf

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