Levy Info

Loveland Levy by the numbers


Official 2019 2,520 8,803 11,323 22.26% 77.74%

Official 2020 3,901 5,870 9,771 39.92% 60.08%

Unofficial 2022 6,648 7,114 13,762 48.31% 51.69%

- Warren 93 110 203 45.81% 54.19%

- Hamilton 3106 3622 6,728 46.17% 53.83%

- Clermont 3,449 3,382 6,831 50.49% 49.51%

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Loveland City School District (LCSD) attempted to justify this levy by their numbers. Digging Deeper, view this levy by the Real Numbers.

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The Board approved the Treasurer's FY 2023 forecast at the Nov. 2021 board meeting with $52,543,735 operating expenditures. In May 2022, the Board approved a $3 million increase to that same FY 2023 budget, while claiming no raises, no increased FTE's and no reinstated HS busing.

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Even though it has been 8 years since the last approved levy, Loveland homeowners are still paying the 2nd highest effective millage of surrounding districts. The community needs an even longer period without levies to get effective millage back in line with neighboring districts.

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The county auditor certifies the amount of tax revenue to be collected annually for each levy passed. This levy is certified to collect an additional $4,788,078 annually from you, the community. The county/state auditors are concerned only that you pay the portion of the certified dollar amount assessed to your property each year in order for you to keep your home.